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Monday, July 18, 2005

Good Stuff

Yeah. I'm kind of down today. So in an attempt to pick myself up by the bra straps, here's some random goodness:

1. I made a slight attempt at picking up. One load of dishes done, trash taken out, some trash picked up from around, dishes loaded in the sink instead of the floor for round 2, and made a start on compiling the multiple piles of dirty clothes into one central locale.

2. I got outside and did my running tonight. It's discouraging - I've been building up to consistent 12-minute runs on the treadmill, but I get outside and 2 minutes kills me. But, I'm getting out there and doing it, and that's a good thing.

3. I was down 4lbs at the doctor's tonight.

4. I sent panties with unicorns on them in the mail to my sister. I also sent her some with butterflies that say 'Free as a butterfly.' She got them today and they made her smile.

5. I finally - FINALLY - had someone talk to me at work today about the new position my bosses want me in. It's going to be a trying position - I'll be working with (and thus, sometimes against - don't ask) some very difficult people. But bottom line, my bosses want me in a new role, so I'm taking it. The woman in the role now is being forced out b/c she sucks, so they want me in there pronto. I'm a little scared but a lot flattered.

6. I got a new project at work today that's very high profile. It's going to be difficult - the clients want it released on 8/1 but haven't finished all the requirements yet. :) But, it should be interesting and something challenging, which I don't really have right now. I may not keep the project, depending on when I move into the new role, but I'll at least start it.

7. I got loads and loads of magazines in the mail today: Newsweek (read at the doctor's office), Rolling Stone, Cooking Light, Cosmo...I'm in hog heaven! Not to mention I bought a trashy celebrity mag yesterday b/c I was planning on some pool time.

Okay. That's enough good stuff to perk even me up a little. Gotta go do some reading...

Night, peeps.

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