Corporate Peon: It's Friday...

Friday, October 28, 2005

It's Friday...

...and I ain't got shit to do!

No meetings today. Only one or two things to follow-up on. I have, of course, been using my downtime wisely.

Looking at houses online. Looking at shoe storage online (I'm not enamored with any I've found, but I do love the idea. Must...keep...looking). Looking into what I'd like to see/do in Turkey. Looking at entertainment centers online (this, much like the car search, is taking me forever. I finally found a center that I liked, could afford, and would work, only to then read the fine print and realize it's 4' tall. Nuh-uh, not gonna work.)

Oh, and I've been admiring my new shoes. They're black and silver mules with a little black bow and they're adorable, though despite my searching, no pictures could be found. My friend at work, E, loathes them, but then she's wearing, like, Eastlands, so how can her opinion really count?

I've decided I like little bows on my shoes. Each of yesterday's three new pairs has one. One of the new pairs from Sunday (the leopard print pair, rrrr!) has one.

Oh, and remember those glass beads I made earlier in the month? I had NO idea what to do with them, so I did what anyone else would do - shipped them off to Nanner and had her string them for me.

And oh. my. GODDESS!!!! It is SUCH a beautiful necklace! Seriously awed, folks. Perfect length, style, rocks. As does she.

Perhaps I'll take actual pictures this weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Have a good one, kids!

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