Corporate Peon: Cheese & Whine (without the cheese)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cheese & Whine (without the cheese)

There is a big lull in my workload. I talked to the woman I'm reporting up to now (a dotted-line corporate-speak is that?) on Thursday. She knows there is a lull and unfortunately, can't do much about it now. I told her that I will come in at 9 and leave at 4 and not feel guilty about that, and she was fine with it. I'm still fighting pangs of guilt, though I know that's silly. I'm doing the work I have, there's just not much of it.

I would much rather be too busy than not busy enough.

So I've spent all day today reading your sites (sorry about the multiple hits, stat freaks), reading archives, and wishing I had brought all my fun new recipes from Cooking Light into work so I could make my ingredient list and go grocery shopping after work.

Not to mention, I've been thinking and writing, which is never a good combination. Yes, the Peon is a little depressed these days. I'm disappointed that I can't seem to talk to or be understood by my sister; I'm disappointed that a good friend had her daughter's first bday party this weekend and there's no way I can be a part of that (b/c of distance); I'm disappointed about my car; I'm disappointed that I was stood up and that I'm even attempting online dating AGAIN and that I even feel I have to go that route; I'm disappointed that things that happened so long ago still have such an impact on me; I'm disappointed that when my sister asked me who I was hanging out with these days I had to say " one" and that she actually asked the question when she knows what my life is like and then I feel she's all pity-y towards me.

Basically, I'm having a pity party of my own. Good thing it's almost time for me to go home.

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