Corporate Peon: Blogging Battleground

Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogging Battleground

How it happened, I don't know. The whens and whys of it are just as questionable. But at some point, I joined a community of bloggers. And sometimes, I regret it.

These people come out of nowhere and they start to get to know you because you post extremely personal things and you start to feel as if they're friends, people you can trust, people who want what's best for you.

And sure, maybe they do. Maybe they'll ship you $20 when life gets hard or send you a card when your man dumps you. Or maybe they're just voyeurs and are enjoying themselves with your life, but are really only in it for themselves.

And really, why shouldn't they be? Why shouldn't they pick sides - their chosen side being themselves, of course. Who doesn't put themselves over others? No matter how much I might like you, I'm still going after my own interests first. That might be your man, your job, or your new shirt, but I can have the best weekend ever with you and still come home to look out for #1.

I might want to stay in touch and I might still care, but if you piss me off I'm still going to want to write about you, and I'll regret that I don't have that option anymore.

And you still only know as much about me as I let you.

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