Corporate Peon: Shut Your Cake Hole!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Shut Your Cake Hole!

Once upon a time, KtP went to the Green County Cheese Days with her sister, BIL, and sister's friend. Much cheese was edam (too much of a stretch?), much sunshine soaked up, and many mini-cheesecakes on a stick eatin (but not by me, cuz cheesecake is just a plain waste of cheese. And cake.). I chose to gorge myself on the fried cheese curds and free samples. Oh, and beer.

On the way home, we drove through the Willy Street Festival, which is a little neighborhood summertime fest near my sister's casa. It looked like many frattish-type boys were enjoying the day and the fest and the people mingling that takes place at such events. Oh, and the beer.

Walking on the sidewalk on my side of the street was a man, lurching in what suggested was a rather drunkenly manner. On his head was a colorful balloon hat. As we were slightly behind him, all we could see was his lurch and his purty hat.

As we pulled up parallel to him, I yelled out, "Whooo hoooo! Nice freakin' hat, buddy!" or something equally lame and semi-insulting and completely juvenile.

And as we drove past the man, we all realized that he wasn't a drunken frat boy. Oh, no. Rather, he was a mentally and physically challenged man (is that the PC term?), probably on his way home from a nice day at the fair, with a nice new hat to show off.

Neither sister, BIL, nor sister's friend have let me live that down, and nor should you.

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