Corporate Peon: I Think I've Been Here Before

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Think I've Been Here Before

A play. By Kate the Peon

Characters: Kate the Peon, a perfect speciman of both employee and female; Sister, a loveable but selfish blight on humanity.

Background: Sister has been engaged in house-buying negotiations. She and owners of the desired house have been back-and-forth twice over before stalemating. Recently, negotiations picked back up.

Sister learned this very same morning that her final offer on her dream house had been accepted.

Kate the Peon and Sister's parents are on a road trip to the East coast.

Setting: CubeLand at 5pm. The Peon sits, typing furiously at her keyboard, pen between her teeth. Not many others are around.

Ring, ring

KtP: (Looking at caller id; recognizes the number) Hi, what's up?
Sister: (cheerful, almost perky) Nothing, just calling to see how you're doing.
KtP: Fine, you? (continuing to type)
Sister: Good. Just on my way home.
KtP: That's good.
Sister: You're at work late today. Do they finally have work for you to do?
KtP: Well...sorta, yeah (jotting notes down)
Sister: You should get a new job.
KtP: Um. I have one.
Sister: No, a new one.
KtP: (mocking) No, this is new. As of September 1st.
Sister: No, you have a new role. You need a new job. Have you heard any more from mom and dad?
KtP: No, not since they emailed that they're in New York.
Sister: Yeah, me either. It's weird, having this big exciting news and not having them around to talk to about it.
KtP: (hesitantly) Um...okay.
Sister: What will I do when they die?
KtP: I have to go.


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