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Monday, October 31, 2005

Mini Mondays

How can you watch 'I Love the 80s' (any episode) and not have a crush on Hal Sparks? I loved him on 'Queer as Folk,' more so when I found out he's a straight actor playing a gay man, and his sense of humor on VH1 continues to crack me up.

I turned the corner in my apartment's parking lot today and saw a bloddy mummy walking the dog. Crazy kids...

There will be some changes soon at work that, while they don't directly impact me, should have a good indirect impact on me. Coming soon...

I held the elevator this morning for a guy on my floor. He was the stereotypical nerd - pants too short, hair too gelled, eyes too beady. However, there is a girl I keep running into who seems fun. I complimented her on her purse, then the next day she on mine, and we talked shoes for a minute. Next time I see her I'm so introducing myself and making a friend.

I returned three things to TJ MAXX yesterday - two with receipts, one without. The manager had to approve the return of the receipt-less item; apparently, they all go into the system now (name, address, license number, etc) and if you have too many receipt-less returns, they'll stop accepting them from you. I felt like a total criminal when the manager was explaining it to me.

I've been drooling lately over the idea of having my own house. I have tentatively said I want that to become reality by my 30th birthday, but that's only b/c I think 30 is too old to rent, unless you're in, like NYC where houses don't exactly come cheaply. They don't here, either, but once I get my big equity adjustment I'll so be able to afford it. Ah, I slay me...And yes, I could probably afford it now if I stopped travelling, buying shoes, and bought a used car rather than new...but I don't want to do that. Yes I want it all, is that so wrong?!?!

I may be finishing the roll of film in my camera tonight so I can then take the camera in to be looked at. I'm pretty sure some sand got inside during my trip to Costa Rica, and I'd kind of like that remedied, before Turkey, if possible.

BBB has been saying semi-suggestive things lately that I completely shoot down:

KtP: Morning, how are you?
BBB: Better now that I'm talking to you
KtP: Does that line actually work on intelligent females? or
KtP: Um...ick or
KtP: Oh my god, seriously? or
KtP: Jesus christ, what do you want?

I'm not mean when I respond, but he's got to learn that you don't flirt with the Peon, turn her down, date your ex-gf, and still try to have a flirty relationship with the Peon. It's just not gonna happen.

Today's on its way to being another boring, slow day here in CubeLand. Have a good one, folks!

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