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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Picture This

First on the list, two of my new shoes. Obviously not to be worn together:

Second, my new necklace!

You can't see the gold beading between the big glass beads that well, or the other beads that make up the rest of the strand, but trust me - it's very pretty.

Last, but not least, the Peon's living room:

Hopefully you realize that the one couch is in both pics; that's the loveseat under the window. The end tables were made by dad, against my protestations, but they are exactly what I wanted - black wood with glass. I believe a coffee table is being made by Santa's elves for Christmas. The matching lamps were a Christmas present last year from my sister; both with red shades. I definitely can't add anything else red into the room.

As you can see, I need something above the couch. I think a black-framed mirror - long - would add some depth and make the room look bigger, but I can't find one I like enough to actually pay for.

Directly at the end of the loveseat (and thus across from the couch) is my sad entertainment center:

Notice the very big lean from the right, and the bowing in the middle? That's what you get when you use an IKEA bookshelf for eight years. However, please feel free to ogle the I-heart-the-80s stereo system. Yes, that's a dual cassette with a record player. And yes, that's '7th Heaven' on the television.

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