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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Planning Ahead, Looking Behind

Today was my office holiday party. Well, actually, it was a holiday party - the only one of three that I was able to attend. I did receive my gift from one of the parties I missed: a pink shirt.

Yes, I typed that correctly. The girls got pink polo shirts with our division name and logo on them, and the boys got blue polo shirts with our division name and logo on them. I'm all set for next freakin Halloween.

Today's party was fun, though. I defied politics and sat with my two friends, E and S, and while there were other people at the table with us, we three giggled and traded mock insults and engaged in a confetti war that I won. S will be shaking silver snowflakes out of her top for days.

The food was great, too, as we were at a nice Italian place. Sausage, fettucini, veal - gotta love them dead baby cows. Heavenly dessert, free drinks, and an early end to the day. Not to mention, a nice sweatshirt-material blanket with our logo that I'm bundled under now. Can't beat that.

Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day. I am meeting with my old boss to discuss my work capacity. He knows I've had a lighter load than projected in this rotational position, and feels his area is going to get slammed with work shortly. Remember, I'm just on loan now from my old area; if my old boss 'needs' me back, I have to go.

I don't want to go. I like what I'm learning and doing now. I was tired and burned out on my old responsibilities. But the bottom line is, he's the boss, I'm his resource, and I don't have much say.

In addition to that, he and I will be discussing Stupid Rude Girl. Remember her? She's my old coworker who used to have daily cries in her cube and is almost thoroughly incompetent. S and E have been making noise lately to my old boss to get him to address his employee's performance, but he thinks they're just out for blood. I have three clear, recent examples of how she's been an idiot lately, so hopefully that will help him grasp the situation.

I'm also seeing BBB tomorrow for the first time in almost a month. His birthday is this week, so I'm treating him to lunch.

Other than that, it's business as usual.

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