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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tastes of Turkey

Elma cayi (except when writing, the i is without a dot - there are two different "i"'s in Turkish) (say elma chiy) is apple tea. It tastes like warm apple cider, which I never drink here, but I may have to start.

Sahlep is a warm, milky drink made from the ground tubers of wild orchids. No shit! It's got cinnamon on top, usually, and is only served in winter. MMM.

Doner (I don't know how to do umluts (is that even spelled right?)) means 'spinning' or turning and is usually a meat sandwich. Good French bread, some lettuce/carrot mixture, and meat carved fresh off the spit, usually lamb or chicken. You know what I'm talking about, right? The big vertical hunk o' meat, spinning in front of a closed fire? Yum.

Gozleme, which is a cheese or potato like crepe, served hot. Nummy.

Manti is a mini-ravioli dish served with a cold yogurty sauce. Not my fave.

Iskender is a pita covered in meat cooked in a tomato-y sauce, topped with butter, and served with yogurt which is similar to sour cream. That was good, too.

Barack, which I'm probably not spelling right, which is like phylo dough cooked around cheese.

Raki, which is a licorice-flavored liquor. You cut it with water, usually, which turns it milky and detracts from the look of it, but it doesn't taste bad - just strong.

Simit, which is sold by street vendors, and is like a dry bread covered in sesame seeds.

Leblebbies, which again I'm probably misspelling, but I'm not getting up to look it up. Those are roasted chickpeas, which I actually liked.

Kufte, meatballs.

Baklava, which I trust you all know and love.

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