Corporate Peon: Shit

Thursday, January 05, 2006


After an almost completely sleepless night on Tuesday, I went to bed about 10:30 last night. Didn't want to go to bed TOO early, for fear I'd wake up at 4am, ready to go.

So instead, I tossed and turned until around midnight last night. When I finally fell asleep for good, I slept long and hard. So long and hard that it was a miracle I woke up at all.

AT 9:45 AM.

Never mind I had a 9am meeting. Never mind I had a 10am meeting. I immediately called boss lady, who laughed at me, and agreed to move the 10am meeting up until 10:30. I hopped in the shower, threw on some clothes, and got to work.

Where I spent 10 minutes looking for a parking spot, only to end up FAR from my cube. I work in Building E, which is on the North East side of the building. I parked in front of Building B, the South West corner. Go me!

Then, in my 10/10:30 meeting, I found out that the document I sent last Wednesday, 12/28, was the wrong document. Never mind that everyone was supposed to review it ahead of time and no one did, so no one told me so I could have fixed the mistake, but that basically meant the meeting was shot and we need another one.

Due to the timing of things, the meeting has to be tomorrow. Great, everyone likes a lunchtime meeting on Friday, right?

Someone put me out of my misery. Please?

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