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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stupid Fuckers

On 2/7 - last Tuesday - a company I submitted an application to emailed and asked me to schedule a phone interview with them during the week of 2/13 and 2/17 and between 8am and 5pm.

As I can't access my home email from work, I responded on the evening of 2/7 with a time for this Friday, as I'll be off work.

On 2/8, the HR contact emailed and said based on my resume, they would like to move the interview up to earlier in the week. Again that evening, I responded by saying I would check my schedule and let them know.

On the evening of 2/10 - Friday - I emailed with a new proposed day and time, that being today. I heard no response from HR. I emailed the contact yesterday asking for confirmation - today, Friday, never. I even left work early today in case I didn't hear back in time and the interview was actually on for today.

When I got home from work, there was an email saying since I hadn't responded in time, they had already filed my application and moved on.

I wrote the woman, asking her (politely) where the fuck the delay had occurred. She kindly let me know that after letting her know I'd check my schedule, "I didn’t receive anything until 2/13, and by that time, we had filed your application." Since I sent the email on Friday night, she didn't get it until Monday morning. I get that. That makes it four days since she had heard from me, even though I responded in two.

Now, I ask you: Is two days unacceptable? If this is a candidate you're truly interested in - even if it's not - is 2 days an unreasonable amount of time?

I'm royally pissed. Not because I necessarily wanted the job, though from all I've heard it's a good company and a good job, but because I feel I'm in the right and her expectations are unreasonable. I'm also pissed because had she confirmed my initial day and time, we could have avoided all of this.

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