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Friday, December 31, 2004

Blast from the Past

From 3rd grade all the way up through 9th grade, I had a good friend in a guy named Jeff. I'm not sure what the connection was, but we were always tight. He was like a slightly protective older brother to me, and I loved him dearly.

I remember my birthday gift from him in the 9th grade - the Mr. Big tape, wrapped and placed in my locker. Knowing me, that tape can still be found in my parent's house, a few moves - and a dozen years - later.

When I moved at the end of my freshman year, Jeff wrote me pretty consistently. I can recall his slanted, small penmenship; his bad spelling; his love for girls.

At some point, for reasons that escape me - perhaps time and distance truly do put what is out of sight, out of mind - we fell out of touch. I've thought of him often over the years, and wondered if he would be receptive to hearing from me. All I know is who he was; I have no idea who he is.

I searched for him online with no luck. I did, however, find his parent's address, though not an email as I was hoping. Early this week, I sent a holiday card to him, via his parents, and included my email address in the hopes that he would throw a line out there.

This morning, he did.

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