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Friday, January 21, 2005

Ain't Too Proud to Beg

They're predicting about a foot of snow this weekend. I'm really really tempted to purchase a pack of smokes for my weekend hibernation, but I will resist. Some might say that my desire to smoke really means that I'm craving something else in my mouth, but those people are whack.
I walked out of my building today to find a girl yelling: "I hate Chicago, I never should have moved here, who the hell breaks into a car in this kind of weather!" My first instinct was to tell her that she's not technically in Chicago, but I didn't think she'd see my point. I wasn't actually sure if she was talking to me or if she was on the phone, but I was lucky - there was a cell phone involved.

After starting my own car and sweeping the snow off, I asked her if she needed any help. She said she was going to call the cops. As I drove out of the lot, I saw that her passenger side window was completely smashed in. That sucketh. It's things like that, that make me appreciate my POS and factory stereo even more.
My team had our breakfast / meeting this morning. I have to say, I fear for my team leader. Let's call her C. C's not a very strong-willed person and has two people on the team who are. They shut her up and cut her off and shot down virtually every new idea she had, to the point where she apologized for her ideas. I'm all for trying new things (except sushi) and though some of her ideas didn't work with the initial implementation, it's very possible it was due to the style of execution. But these two people used the meeting time to vent and complain and bitch and say what they were not going to do and what their job did not include, and they're so incredibly vocal and negative.

In the end, C told us we could all cut out of here around 1:30 today if we wanted, due to the impending snowstorm, and basically wasn't able to introduce a single new idea to us successfully.

Ah, fun.
My old bosses still haven't stopped giving me grief from leaving their area. I ran into my old TL yesterday who, in the space of our 5-minute conversation, told me that a) I deserve new opportunities, b) he's holding open a spot for me on my old team, har har, c) he needs to start thinking about my review.

Um, yeah. C told me that my review had been done. "Um...can I see what they said about me?" So we set up a meeting for Monday to discuss it. Found out today that my review HASN'T been done yet. Great. Before, the employee used to write their review, then send it to their boss, then meet with boss to discuss it, then revise it...but now, Boss has to write it and then discuss it with employee. So since all reviews have to be completed by Wednesday, I'll probably get grabbed for a quickie, last minute meeting that won't leave them any time for changes if needed. Just give me my 10% raise already, damnit!

Unless, you know, you need the time to make it a 13% raise. I can be cool with that.

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