Corporate Peon: Long ago...and so very far away...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Long ago...and so very far away...

...Karen Carpenter's voice kills me. No, that's not meant to be a joke. It's so mellow, so soothing, so full...I will admit to voluntarily purchasing The Carpenter's 'Yesterday/Once More' Greatest Hits album. It's a two-CD collection, yo. But, like anything that's sickingly sweet, I can only take a little bit at a time.
If a woman eats a naked chicken breast...does that count as a lesbian act? Beastiality? Inquiring minds wanna know.
I've watched a lot of Sex & The City reruns...and is it just me, or is Carrie incredibly selfish? I get that even though it's an ensemble cast, the show is about her...but really, every conversation over lunch with the girls revolves around her. Every time one of the girls turns the topic to them, either in person or over the phone, she turns the tables. I would get tired of that so quickly.

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