Corporate Peon: Dear ____,

Monday, January 24, 2005

Dear ____,

I’m not trying to recapture what we had. I couldn’t – we couldn’t – no matter how hard we tried. What we had was intense, but it wasn’t real, which may have played a factor in the intensity.

You came along when I needed someone most, and you made me feel how I longed to feel: Witty. Smart. Exciting. Desired. You acted like you couldn’t get enough of me, and you treated me with respect and awe, like I was this great present you didn’t ask for but had always wanted.

As connected as we were – as closely as we fit – it’s funny, almost, that we both left for someone else. We said we were afraid, and we were, but we had different reasons for feeling that way. And we didn’t fight those feelings, but instead stayed firmly entrenched within our comfort zones.

And now it’s over, and I write you just to let you know that I do think of you from time to time, and that I am still touched by what we had.

I wish you well, and I hope you’re as good to yourself as you once were to me.

Once yours,


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