Corporate Peon: Tonight's Embarrassment Sponsored by BestBuy

Friday, January 21, 2005

Tonight's Embarrassment Sponsored by BestBuy

So, I'm at BestBuy tonight, buying myself a Nintendo GameCube (shut up). It's supposed to snow really really badly all weekend, I have nothing to read, and there's no way in hell I'm gonna actually clean this place up. Why am I defending myself to you? Shut up, already!

So anyway, I've picked out my box (shut up) and a couple of games, and I made my way over to the CD section. I love CDs. It had occurred to me that a certain pseudo-gay boy I know might really dig The Culture Club, so I checked out their CDs. And while I was looking at those CDs, I realized I was rockin' out to whatever was playing over the PA system. I felt like I knew the singer but I couldn't quite place the song. I just knew that I was really enjoying it.

So, in the interest of giving more of my money to a large corporation who probably cheats their employees, I asked the closest salesguy who the singer was.

You ready?

Lindsay Freakin' Lohan.

I chortled with embarrassment, thanked the guy, and walked off.

Thank Goddess for Amazon, where I can buy that shit in private. Let's hope it comes wrapped in a plain brown wrapper while we're at it.

And as I spell-checked this, I HAD to share: 'BestBuy,' according to the little guy who lives in the computer and quickly flips through the dictionary, should be replaced with 'festive.' 'Rockin' should be replaced with 'foreskin.'

Boy, that would be a whole different type of embarrassment...

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