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Monday, January 03, 2005

Hi Hi!

Sorry to disappoint, friends, but nothing climatic - literally or, well, literally - came from hearing from my old friend. He did email and it seems things are going well for him, despite a recent divorce. He's living in the same town we grew up in, and though I've written back, I'm not sure yet if he'll respond in kind. At the least, it was good to hear he's doing well and seemed glad to hear from me.
I used up my salon gift certificate last week. I treated myself to a Salt Glow Body Shimmer service. In a darkened room, with candles and meditation-like music playing, my - what would she be? - servicer? - coated me with warm oil, one section at a time, then rubbed a mixture of exfoliating salts and shtuff onto me. That was then massaged into my skin, and warm towels were used to wipe it off. Mmmmmmm. Quite nice. It left my body nice and smooth and was very relaxing.
I don't make New Year's resolutions. I have tried to incorporate some changes into my life throughout the past month, with the hopes that I don't think of them as resolutions and break them as I normally would. So far, so good.
I've come back home after a weekend away and found that my apartment is a pigsty. How does that happen? I wasn't here, and I would never go away with it messy, did it get that way? Did dust bunnies creep out in the middle of the night? Did elves come for one last holiday prank? Fuckers. I'm pretty beat though, so I'm gonna leave the cleaning for later. Like, 2006.

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