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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Women's Intuition

First of all, as an unrelated aside to this post, my cube neighbor is again clipping his nails at his desk. This makes twice in a month - and he was out for two of those weeks. If this is going to be a habit, he just may be killed.

Okay, I did have a real post in mind, but right now I'm just going to vent about Sprint. You suck, fuckers!

My account is up for interruption tomorrow if I don't take care of a past-due amount that I'VE ALREADY PAID! It's not my fault that a credit they owe me hasn't gone through yet. It's only been 10 days for them to credit me the $100+ they incorrectly charged me. And of course, Kelly from Accounts Receivable can't help me, so I have to waste more of my time and call their Customer Service number.

Yippee! And then, Kelly thanked me for choosing Sprint. What a crock!

(This post is in no way intended to alienate or insult Sprint employees. Unless you are Kelly from Accounts Receivable.)

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