Corporate Peon: White Flag

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

White Flag

No, not the bug killer, the song from Dido. Or Surrender, as I prefer to call it. :)

Snowed here last night, our first big snow of the season. It's still coming down, but that won't stop me from meeting some coworkers for drinks tonight. Snow be damned, I want my beer!

As I've said before, there's a lot rattling around in this noggin of mine, so the posts may be coming fast and furious. Try to keep up, mmkay?

I'm feeling a little lost and wasteful. Wasteful of time, of knowledge, of experience. I've become quite introspective. No, I've always been introspective, I've just not always let that be known. I feel like I'm still struggling to find my way - not what will I be when I grow up, but who will I be. Which side of myself do I let prevail? The quiet, withdrawn, diligent worker bee? The party girl with an eye for men? The social butterfly, everyone's friend? The dark smoker and drinker and risk taker? How can all these people reconcile inside of me? Doesn't one have to win?

Whatever, I'm so rambling. Fuck it.

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