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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Work Stuff

My boss is weird. Not a normal weird kind of way, but just - sorta - strange. She told us today that she doesn't let her kids (ages 23 and 20) load the dishwasher because it has to be done in a particular way and she can't stand having it done incorrectly. She got all worked up talking about it, too. Definitely a bit OCD. She didn't talk to her son for 8 months because he owed her money. She once threw her husband's dinner - plate and all - in the trash because he made a derogatory comment about it. She also told a group of us today - me and three guys - that when she went through menopause, her OCD got worse. Um...TMI!!

I'm not painting this very well. Just believe me - she's strange.
I finally saw my review document today. There are 5 different levels in which you can be rated for all different 'tasks' - Surpassed is the best, then Achieved, then three others. I scored surpassed or achieved for all of them. YAY! I did have a kickass year at work this past year. I better get me some good money, beyotch!
BBB & I flirted today. I like flirting. But I like it best when I'm flirting with someone I'm seeing - that way, you know you can make good on your threats/teases. At any rate, it was fun to make innuendos with BBB and have them returned.

I still haven't made up my mind completely on him. He's really nice and he's super sweet - a big teddy bear kind of guy. He's funny and he's very smart - smarter than I had even realized. And we had a really good conversation today on race and others' reactions, which was cool.

But he's also...goofy. I dunno. We're gonna grab drinks together some time next week, tentatively. It will be interesting to see him outside of work.

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