Corporate Peon: Enigma

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


It's funny how overly analytical I am. I pick up every clue, every word, and I turn it upside down and shake it, hoping that the unspoken context will fall out.

The downside is that hidden meanings are just that - hidden - and scrutinizing them sometimes means you find things out that you didn't want to know. Sometimes things are hidden because they're hurtful. Sometimes people aren't brave enough to speak clearly, directly. Maybe it's not courage they lack - maybe they hold too much compassion. Maybe I'm making excuses for them again.

It's funny how little I ask. How little I demand at times. From myself, I demand everything at once - there's no learning curve, no time to take things in. For everyone else, they're allowed as much time as they want. As much time as they need.

Of course, there's hidden meaning in that, too.

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