Corporate Peon: Grumpalump

Monday, February 14, 2005


1. Went to Circuit City tonight to buy Kelly Clarkson's CD (shut up). Didn't buy it at Target yesterday for $14.99 because I saw that CC had all CDs on sale.

CC didn't have KC, though they did have Lindsay, Bridget, and Hilary. And the CDs weren't on sale.

2. Returned the 41qt bin I bought at Target yesterday. The goal was to put all my bed linens in it and store it under my bed, since my linen closet is tiny and my sheets are always in three different places.

Well, the bin was too small, because of course I find it necessary to keep three extra mattress pads and multiple twin sheets. Because, you know, I might throw a twin bed in my 1-bdrm apt someday soon.

Oh, and there were no bigger bins that would work.

3. Our divison boss gave us all carnations today. Two carnations, pink or red, with foliage in a bud vase with a Vday balloon. Sweet, even though it's depressing to realize the only flowers I got were from bosses. Oh, and the guys didn't get flowers, because, you know, they don't want them. Or something.

Yeah, only the girls got flowers. I found that very strange.

4. My parents are annoying me. They're raving about the fact that Sister, BIL and Dogs #1 & 2 will be at the 'rents in two weeks for dad's bday. Never mind that I was the one who had to remind my sister of it, or that her response was less than's still a frickin big whoop.

5. Called a really good Chinese restaurant tonight while running errands. Was going to treat myself to some fried rice and the best crab rangoons ever. Stupid fucking restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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