Corporate Peon: Dread

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Know that feeling where you think you're going to get into trouble?

Where you aren't quite sure, but you think someone's mad at you?

Where you know the only reason what you did could get them mad at you is because they're stupid and rude and not because you were in the wrong?*

Yep. I have that feeling now.

* Seriously. I was in a meeting with many internal clients and Stupid Rude Girl. She never bothers to come to these weekly meetings in person and always looks really really bad. She has a nasty attitude and never has a clue what she's talking about. So today, when the conversation took a 10minute detour to try and get her to understand that she was being asked to do something, I spoke up and used small words and outlined what she was being asked to do. She claimed she knew that. I tried to mind my own business so as to not make her look bad but the clients were ready to jump through the phone to strangle her.

She's so the type to call me out on making her look bad. I try hard to be tactful but jesus, this isn't fucking brain surgery.

Oh, and on a separate note...I emailed Stupid New Girl about her headphones. I emailed because both today and yesterday when I've found time to go see her, she's already gone for the day. Her response was this:

That darn thing is down so low that I can barely hear it myself.

I have headphones at work but it is an old radio. I will check to see if they fit tomorrow...I am so depressed - I will go crazy without my radio!

Yeah, it's a good day. Anyone wanna sit through a 3.5hr class?

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