Corporate Peon: Hobo

Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm itching to go on another trip. I'm going to Southern Illinois in 8 weeks. I will probably go to Dakota in late April/early May to visit the girls.

But, I need a real trip. I emailed Andrew of Florence fame for tips, since he spent about 5 months in Europe. He responded from the Amsterdam airport where he was catching a flight to Nairobi. !!!!!!

I really really want to go to Egypt, but a) flights are REALLY expensive and b) I'd be nervous about traveling alone there.

Whale watching season will be over when I'd be able to go - I won't take vacation prior to finishing class on APril 5th.

I've been to France, England, Ireland, Greece, Italy. Where should I go next? I might possibly meet up with my sister & BIL in Turkey in May...but I'm not that gung-ho on the idea. Thailand is interesting me lately. I dreamt about going to Tuscany the other night, but I'd like to explore new countries.

Any ideas????

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