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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Second Things Second

Round about 2:30 today, I sent an email to all the systems team members on a certain project of mine. I told them that based on their feedback, the 4/25 suggested implementation date had been vetoed and I wanted to see if we could make a 5/23 or 5/30 implementation.

Except...I left one teensy tiny person from the business side on my distribution (one global, all team member-encompassing distribution list). Oops.

Teensy tiny business person (TTBP) emailed me, asking if I needed his input. Nope, systems only, my mistake.

TTBP responded, saying I should put his business boss (BB) on the distribution and check with him (BB) first before changing the date.

I responded, saying my leadership had talked to his leadership and the date discussion had been held.

TTBP said no one there knew that 4/25 was not the date and that the region had already been communicated to and promised the new product on 4/25. He forwarded my note on to BB.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

And of course, my boss, C, was no where to be found.

A few minutes later, I get a call from my friend/coworker on the business side, E. E is the woman who used to be my boss and we're pretty close; in fact, she's who I'm going gambling with on Sunday.

E said she had heard from BB and he was not happy. He hadn't been told that 4/25 was out the window, why didn't we move on this quicker, when did this all happen.

Apparently the coordinator before me - J, the one who left last week - had agreed to 4/25 without checking with his team. BAD MOVE!

I told E that I had talked to C about the date. Yesterday, I told business that 4/25 was out and I wanted 6/6. Business said no, they really needed 4/25, what could we do? I went to C for escalation and she said she'd get back to me.

Today, I followed up with C and she said the business had been told 4/25 was out and we were looking to see what we could do. She told me to try for 5/23 or 5/30 - anything to get it before 6/6, even if just by a week. Hence my email that started all this.

E said that she was in a meeting yesterday with C and business when 4/25 was thrown out. Apparently the business folks in that meeting didn't communicate with BB on this. Their mistake.

At 4:30, I FINALLY find C and her boss, CC, which is surprising for one because C generally leaves at 3pm. The three of us have a conference call with BB and E, where we all play nice and say the right things and hold firm and understand we're all frustrated and not taking it personally and we're all on the same team and let's work together.

We hang up, C & CC & I chat for a minute, deep breath, not much we can do now, I'll check to see if we can get this out on 5/9 or 5/16, J sure screwed us, they don't even have legal approval yet, TGIF.

As C and I walk out of CC's office, C says...oh, one more thing. You're getting all of your old projects back.

Her timing was so precise that I had just taken a sip of soda and had to fight to not spray it everywhere.

We went into a conference room where she said that Stupid Rude Girl was close to having a break down and that this had to be done. Well, duh - SRG leaves every afternoon for about 2 hours, and today when she came back, she was all sniffly like crying.

So, I'll have the 3/21 release that J fucked up, plus the May release or whenever we get that done, plus SRG's 3/21, 5/30, and 8/15 releases, oh and by the way, the 3/21 & 5/30 & 8/15 releases that I took over from D because she's going on a 3wk vacation and then leaving the team?

Yeah, those are going to the new girl with no experience and I'm going to mentor her.

Ack. Free time? What's that? All I can say is, E better have been right when she said I'm going to get promoted this year.

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