Corporate Peon: Crash and Burn

Friday, April 01, 2005

Crash and Burn

Seriously. What aren't I?

No, it's not a trick question. It's not like, "you're not a cat" or "you're not a pineapple." I mean, I'm neither of those things, but again, that's not the point.

Instead, I mean...what aren't I, in that...what aren't I that I need to be? What haven't I been? (And that's not your clue to tell me things like 'nice' or 'optimistic.')

And while we're at it...who the fuck are you? You people out there reading. You who don't know me, but still try to cheer me up. Why do you do it? What does it matter? Jesus fucking christ, it's all so...fake. Not you, just the situation. How well do we know anyone here? Enough to call each other friend? Enough to talk on the phone? Enough to invite you into one's life for however briefly a stay you're giving?

I appreciate it. I do. But I can't reciprocate. And I can't encourage.

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