Corporate Peon: Update to Yawn

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Update to Yawn

So, Guy IM'd me today.

G: HI!

KtP: Hi

G: I had a really, really good time the other night.

KtP: Good

G: And you?

KtP: (after a really, really long pause) I don't think we're quite as good a match as you seemed to think

And, that was it. I mean, when someone goes on and on about how much fun they had with you (as he did when we met, talking about our phone convo), and you don't reciprocate that enthusiasm (as I didn't)'s a clue.

Plus, he was really PDA'ing me at the bar. I LOVE PDA normally. Hold my hand, rub my leg, rub my back...but only do it if I like you, okay?

I mean, jeez. Just cuz I agreed to meet you and suck you off, that does NOT mean I like you!


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