Corporate Peon: Yawn

Friday, March 25, 2005


That encapsulates my night. The guy? Dull, dull, dull. We don't have much in common - he's enamored with Chicago and never wants to leave it; he doesn't like to travel; he likes foreign films and jazz; he's not close to his family; he has a cat.

So, yeah, that was that. I was eyeing all the man meat at the bar and I know they were wondering what a hot young thing was doing with...him. He's plenty nice enough, just...dull.

So, yeah, we played around a little. How could we not? We had talked about it before, and frankly...I wanted to get some. But that part of things pissed me off. He had gone on and on about how I was going to be in charge, how he wanted me to be comfortable, how I would call the shots, blah blah blah. He knew I wasn't going to fuck him, but he told me yesterday he was going to bring a condom in case I changed my mind.

Um...right. Like that would happen. I told him to bring whatever he wanted, but it wasn't going to matter. And of course he tried to pull one out, but I kiboshed that pretty damn quickly.

And then, of course, he tells me to call him Sunday when I'm back from the 'rents or Monday if I want. Yeah, like that will happen. I was straight with him from the start - I would prefer a relationship, but I was willing to fool around without, and no, I didn't see us ending up in a relationship together.

If I had stayed in and masturbated, it would have been a better night.

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