Corporate Peon: I'm a Bitch

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm a Bitch

A conversation I had with a friend today got me thinking. And what I thought was, I'm not a very nice person.

Person A & I talked about Person B - someone who is often whiny, clingy, and desperate for love and friendship. Person A takes the higher road with B - gives what time she can, recognizing that B means well and just needs someone to call a friend.

I, however, refuse to cater to B. I don't reach out; I don't sympathize; I empathize, but I don't let B know that. In fact, I don't do much for her, and though we're not close, I think the smallest gesture would go a long way.

I don't make that effort, though. I let B suffer, silently, or to whomever will give her the time.

So, the question now is...why do I do this? Well, the honest answer is that I'm a bitch, but this might be deeper than that.

I don't reach out when I need help; maybe I judge her for doing what I can't. Maybe I feel that since I don't ask others for support, those who do should be 'punished.' Maybe I feel that she hasn't done enough to help herself.

It's certainly not my place to judge B. More power to her, if she can reach out when things are tough and say, "Hey, me over here. I need some help right now."

So, maybe this isn't deeper than me being a bitch. I'm more than willing to agree that's the answer.

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