Corporate Peon: Weekend at the 'Rents

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Weekend at the 'Rents

Saturday on our way out to lunch, Dad decided to bump Mom as she was putting on her lipstick. Mom went after him with her open tube, and in Dad's haste to get away, he bumped right into an open door. Gave himself a nice bloody cut on his forehead.

So we iced and compressed and snickered quietly and bandaid-ed him up. Imagine having to wear a bandaid right between your eyes. He looks purty.

So we get to the restaurant and the nonsmoking booth we're shown to is too close to smoking for Mom to like. The host says, "Well, there's an open table up there." "Is it a booth?" No, Mom, that's why he said it's a table. So we sat and waited 10 minutes. I swear, if I were younger, she would have been such an embarrassment.

After lunch we went to a bookstore, where I found a few hundred dollars worth of books I want. Women's studies, the new feminism, the bond between gfs and sisters and fluffy fiction and cookbooks.

While Dad napped later in the day, mom & I went shopping. I finally found a gold chain I wanted - I had asked for one for Christmas but returned the one Dad got me. We had looked some then but without success. But, yesterday with Mom, I found a beautiful 14k gold, 20" rope chain that I like and am wearing now. Yay!

We went for a walk today, the three of us and our dog. I went in my sweater and jeans; Mom, in her coat, hat, and gloves. Ah, little old ladies can be cute...

All in all, a pretty fluffy weekend. I just had a quick nap and was watching cooking shows before then. I slept for 13 hours straight last night. I've just been up so late trying not to think about things, and then pushing myself so hard at work that I crash on the weekends.

How does it feel to be no fun?

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