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Thursday, April 07, 2005


When I was 13, maybe 14, my friend Jeff got into some argument via snail-mail with a girl he had been seeing. As we were teenagers, we thought it'd be fun if I wrote a scathing letter to her.

Yep. I wrote a nasty, bitchy letter to someone I barely knew about a situation that wasn't mine.


The girl, Steph, wrote back, and we continued in that vein for a few more letters.

I'm seeing Jeff on Friday for the first time in 13 years. I sure hope he's grown up a little.

I sure hope I have.
I'm nervous about going back. Home. Is it home? It's where I grew up, but it's no longer home. Since leaving, I've had a hard time answering 'where are you from?' Where I'm from isn't where I am now. That's where I physically grew up, but mentally, emotionally...that took place in NoDak.

All my childhood memories revolve around this place. The good, the bad, the atrocious. I can't wait to drive the roads I've never driven.

I can see so many things so clearly. The small Dairy Queen on the strip, next to the rundown movie theater. Ruthies, near the college supply store, where we'd shop for prom dresses. The wall at the high school, where I used to make out with Ex. Carrie's house, where my going away party was held. The hill on Giant City Road that made my stomach jump when we crested it.

I'm not looking to redo things. I am looking to relive things a little, in the hopes that the good memories purge the bad. I'm looking to move on.
Update on grad school completion: Came into work this am and found balloons and a card from a good friend/coworker. Another coworker gave me a cute 'graduation bear' pen and a little 'Class of 2005' keychain. I also had a really nice voicemail from my boss's boss.

Nice to be liked. :)

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