Corporate Peon: Catfight Personified

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Catfight Personified

Tonight at my running group (where I did four cycles of walking 5 minutes, then running 1.5 minutes), I totally personified the whole 'woman bringing woman down' scenario.

The other girl in my 'pace group' annoys me. Now, you should know by now that I'm no athlete (hello, big accomplishment to run for a minute and a half). I'm lucky enough though in that, even though I'm a big girl, I'm fairly compact. Yeah, I jiggle like your jello, but I'm solid at the same time. I don't look like I weigh what I do.

Well, this girl...she looks like what I would look like if I looked like I weigh what I do, which I think is why I dislike her - I don't WANT to look like that! Anyway, she's talking the whole time we're doing our thing with our 'leader,' (the official running group person who went with us tonight). All about how she ran the 5k before, and how she used to be able to run for an hour at a time, and all I can think is...

Yeah, right.

I'm totally not buying it. I have no reason to disbelieve her except that I'm a catty bitch. I don't want to believe that someone bigger than I am can be more athletic than I am, cuz then that means I'm really pathetic.

What's with that? Why not be happy for her, proud of what she could do, glad that she's picked it back up, sad that she lost her previous ability? Of course, I was nice to her on the outside, but in my head...whoa.

What's with that, I ask again?

Time to start reading that book.

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