Corporate Peon: Costa Rica Pics

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Costa Rica Pics

Finally think I've got this figured out. Well, figured out enough to post some pics, not figured out enough to know how to tweak them and size them and all that crap. I forget what I've already told you about the trip, so you may know some of this already. Here's just a few:

This is the beach at Manual Antonio. There's not much else in MA; sure, there's a national park, but other than a few restaurants and souvenir shops, you go to MA for the beach.

This is one of the first monkeys I saw, in the park at MA. They were fairly tame; there's a picnic area partway in where the monkeys all gather to chitter and chatter and steal food. This one came within 4 ft of me - cheeky bugger!

This is the pension where I stayed in Santa Elena. This was the cheapest of all my hostels - $5 a night got a bunk bed in a room with its own bathroom and shower, right in the middle of town. Isn't it cute?

While in Santa Elena, I went not to the big cloud forest there, Monteverde, but to the smaller Selvatura cloud forest, where I walked the suspension bridges. Although for someone not crazy about heights, this was a little iffy. I was careful to not walk on the bridges when anyone else was on them, and there was one - the longest one, featured here - where I barely looked around at all. One foot in front of the other, all the way across.

This is the Arenal Volcano that is still active. Some days you can't see the top at all for the clouds. I have other as yet undeveloped shots of this, with the rocks tumbling down.

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