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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Watching the "One Tree Hill" finale last night (shut up) (so what if I planned to watch it) (so WHAT if I might watch it again tonight) ( SO WHAT if I can't WAIT for the new season) reminded me that I used to have guy friends.

Growing up, I always had one or two close girl friends...and the rest were guys. In Cdale, there was Ben, who's now apparently a Chicago thespian and come a long way since his skater days. There was J, of course, my recently reacquainted with racist homophobic hick male slut. Brendan, the adorable preppy smart skater boy. Ex, of course. Monte, who married his high school sweetheart and is preparing to take Dupont by storm when he comes of age.

In NoDak, there was a time with no friends, but that changed quickly enough. Mike, who was my best friend's boy. Chris, the same best friend's step-brother. I was just as likely to talk on the phone with either boy as I was with any of the girls. Mike would often just drop by the house and we'd shoot hoops and chat. Chris would pick me up when we'd all go out.

College brought me another Ben, a tall, lanky beanpole who initially annoyed me, then became a close friend. His roommate, Pete, who had hair like a furry animal. FNG, of course, who I maintained a multiple-year flirtation with, neither of us truly sure we wanted to cross the friendship line.

After college, there was Kev, a boy I dated on and off for a few years. Johnny, of course, while we dated.

And then...there were none.

I miss that.

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