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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Things I've Read Recently

1. From a sign in my apartment building's elevator, telling tenants they cannot let their cats roam the building halls or grounds:

"Any cat seen on the premise without its owner will have its cat picked up by Animal Services."

Is this like babies having babies? Pets having pets?

2. This one's from a website of a girl my sister & I grew up with. The girl, Sarah, has a post on her blog slamming my sister for apparently treating her like shit while they attended the same college:

"At any rate, the joke's on Katey's Sister - I live in sunny Tucson and dated a famous trangendered [sic] folk-singer and am still super-cute so HA!"

My sister's sooooo jealous. She wishes she could have dated a famous transgendered person instead of marrying her straight hubby. You rock on with your bad self.

3. From a flier on my windshield at the mall, touting Sarah, the World's Most Powerful Psychic Astrologer:

"NEVER FAILS 99% ACCURATE" and "This miracle woman of God can help you."

Um...if she never fails...wouldn't that make her 100% accurate? And since when does God provide psychics? Ah, no worries - she's "HALF OFF with this ad."

Stupidity abounds, my friends.

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