Corporate Peon: Friendship

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I like to think I'm a good friend. I often do little things for my friends - cards. Special little messages. Sometimes even packages.

Tonight I mailed a card to a friend who's been feeling down. Nothing big, but I hope knowing that someone is thinking of him and wishing him well will cheer him up a little. Or at least make him smile.

Tonight I took a different friend (he-who-shall-not-be-named) to the airport.

Tonight I ordered a book for my best friend. For her, her self-esteem is tied tightly to her weight and appearance. She's gone through some rough times lately, and as a result, put on some weight. She started running again (she used to do a lot of it in college and immediately after) not too long ago, in a program very similar to the one I'm doing. She's run her first two 10k races and met her goal times in each. Tonight, she told me she's signed up for marathon training. I'm so freaking proud of her. I ordered her a good book that I got as part of my running program - "The Courage to Start." It's pretty encouraging - talks about how it doesn't matter how fast or far you are/go, what matters is that you're doing it at all. That runners come in all shapes and sizes and speeds. I hope she finds it encouraging on the days when her feet don't seem to move as she'd like them to.

Tonight I mailed little thank-you notes to my gfs in NoDak. I know there's no need to thank them for my birthday weekend, but it really was such a good time. I was so appreciative of their thoughtful present and really just their excitement and enjoyment in seeing me.

Sometimes being nice to others makes it easier to be nice to yourself.

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