Corporate Peon: Weekends Begin with Thursday

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Weekends Begin with Thursday

I thought I had mentioned what my weekend plans are, but I guess not, so here's the deal:

Tonight after work - whatever time that is - I'll drive up to Madison. 2.5 hours in the car depending on traffic. I'll have dinner there with the 'rents who are dog-sitting at my sister's. After dinner I'll probably crash since I'm running on about 20 hours sleep since Sunday night.

Friday morning around 9ish, I'll hop back in the car and drive to Minneapolis. Once I get to my friend's place, we'll hop into her car and drive 3 hours to Fargo. We'll meet two of our gfs at dinner around 7pm.

We'll have dinner and drinks and then go back to N's place where we're all staying. I'll get to meet my honorary niece, see my honorary step-daughter, see their new house, enjoy a bonfire built by N's hubby, who I adore, and crash there.

Saturday us girls will probably shop and eat and repeat often.

Sunday - early - J & I will drive the 3hrs back to Minneapolis, where I'll check the oil and drive all the way back down here (6 hrs, give or take).

Am I looking forward to it? Yes and no. And right now, it's more no than yes.

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