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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lazy Daze

I've been at work for four hours now and it feels like 20. I so don't feel like working today.

My old boss doesn't either; she came 'round and we chatted about the weight-loss pills she, her daughter, and hubby are all taking. I watched '30 Days' last night (Morgan Spurlock's TV show). Last night's episode had a guy trying growth hormone, testosterone shots, and like 41 daily supplements, in addition to a strenuous workout routine, trying to get back into shape.

After two weeks, his liver functions were abnormal, and he went from shooting 80million spermies into a cup to having a completely blank shot, with only 1million spermies, all of them dead.

Scary shit, man.
I'm still doing my running. The group officially ended this past Tuesday, and the next session doesn't start until mid-July. I'm determined to keep going on my own in the interim. Last night though, I only spent 25 minutes in the fitness room because there was a couple in there who annoyed me. Each was on a treadmill, and each had their own headphones. So why she felt she needed to sing along is beyond me. Not to mention why he felt dancing would be enjoyable for the rest of us. So he's swinging his hips and making arm motions on the treadmill next to me, she's on his other side, singing along. Yeah. I couldn't take it.
Today is my last day at work this week! Tomorrow is Gambling Day! Now, you might be thinking - she gambles an awful lot. I don't, actually, and that's on purpose. This is my 4th trip this year. Yeah, okay, maybe that's a lot to you, but for me...nuh uh. I love love love slot machines and so I ration my trips. Tomorrow will be a big one. A full day trip! I need to be up early and at my friend's so we can be on the road by eight. Yeah, so much for sleeping in on my day off! But I'm looking forward to it.
My old boss-now friend, E, called last night. She might be moving into a new area of the company and would want me to think about going with her. Hmmm...something to ponder. Nice to have opportunities.
I just sat outside for lunch. It's so beautiful. There's a fountain that runs into a pond, swans, walkways, and all sorts of nice trees and tables. Only problem is, after being out in that, who wants to come back in?
I feel asleep yesterday by the pool in my apt complex. I can almost guaran-damn-tee you that will happen again today.
A woman at work complimented me the other day. She wagged her finger at me and said, "You have the cutest skirts!" Yay! And when she saw me today, she nodded and said, "Very cute." I'm in a short black skirt with white piping on it, a bright pink shirt, and black open-toed shoes with white piping. This skirt is tight, but not as tight as it was a few months ago...Yay me!

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