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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Story of M

M1 is my oldest friend. Old as in time, not age - I've known her since kindergarten. We stayed friends up through 4th grade, when her mom walked out on the fam and divorced her dad. M1 and M2 (lil sis, about 3yrs younger than M1) moved with dad, new step-mom, twin step-brothers and step-sister up north. I saw the girls every so often when they'd take the train down to see mom, who still lived in my town.

M1 and I wrote a bit over the years. During my time in NoDak through when I was at college, we'd write, send some pics, lose touch, get back in touch, email, lose touch, etc etc.

About 2.5 yrs ago, M1 and I got back in touch yet again. We found out we lived only an hour from each other, and spent some time getting reacquainted. I met M1's fiance, hung out with M2 a bit, etc etc.

M1's wedding came around. I went to the bridal party - hell, I even helped set it up. I went to the bachelorette party. I went to the wedding last May.

After the wedding, I called M2 three times within a month, inviting her to do something with me each time, as we live about 15 minutes from each other. Each time, she declined. After #3, I stopped calling, feeling somewhat foolish in continuing to extend invititions. M2 (and M1) had my phone number and my email, and yet, she has not used either since the wedding.

I saw M1 once since the wedding. Other than a thank-you note and a Christmas card, I had not heard from her at all.

Until Memorial Day weekend. M1 called that Friday (5/27); I was on my way to my folks' house, music blaring. I called her back within a week (6/2). I have not yet heard back from her.

I'm a bit confused about all this. M1 and M2 and I had both had conversations about how hard it was to form a group of friends in a new area; we all agreed that we liked hanging out, that it was good to be social even when we may not feel like it; that we lived too close to not get together.

So, wtf happened? I didn't get drunk and embarrassing at the wedding, so that's not an excuse...I just don't get it. And though both M1 and M2 could help my social life quite a bit, I'm inclined to decline any invites they may now send my way.

Assuming, of course, that M1 calls me back. Ever.

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