Corporate Peon: Power Hour

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Power Hour

Apparently, newly-turned 21yr olds in our fair country hit the bars at midnight on their birthdays. Those 21yr olds also apparently drink heavily prior to getting to the bar. They then continue to drink heavily while at the bar.

I know. All of this is shocking news, right?

Well, some states are trying to curb this trend by passing laws that forbid bars to allow 21yr olds into their establishments until 8am on their birthdays.

When I first read of the proposed laws, I thought "Yeah, right. Like states will let that fly."

Turns out, my beloved NoDak did. Minnesota may not be far behind.

The motive behind this law comes from deaths derived from binge drinking. Alcohol poisoning, that type of thing.

Okay. I get that binge drinking is bad, and looking back, I'm kind of surprised that none of my friends or I ran into that kind of trouble.

I'm sorry that kids died from binge drinking. can that law really be passed? How can you try to control someone's legal drinking? You may curb it for one night, but what about the other 364 in the year?

I know 40yr olds who drink to excess. Who's monitoring their alcohol intake? Who's monitoring the alcohol intake of those who binge drink in the comfort of their own homes? Who decided that ANYONE gets to monitor another's legal drinking?

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