Corporate Peon: Yay for Indulgence

Friday, June 03, 2005

Yay for Indulgence

Had lunch out today. Bob Chinn's. No mai tai's, unfortunately. BBB and two other young coworkers. The conversation was full of laughter and sexual innuendos. Not to mention garlic - I can feel it oozing from my pores.

Talked to my college gf tonight for over an hour. I've been thinking a lot lately of a certain trick we used to pull in college...I'll write about that soon, I think. I wasn't always the nice polite demure girl I am now. :)

Went lingerie shopping at Target. Yeah, I'm high class that way. $70 on bras and panties, yay! Got two new 'sets,' a third bra, a sports bra, and about 5 other pairs of undies. Fun! Now I just need a boy toy to show them off to!

Taco Bell for dinner. Mmmm, don't deny it, you love the shit too.

Am in my summer jammies now, the one's mom bought me last year after my surgery. Glasses on, hair up, gonna go do some reading.

Have a good rest-of-the-night, peeps!

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