Corporate Peon: Decisions & Regret

Friday, July 22, 2005

Decisions & Regret

Today I am leaving work early and going to old boss's daughter's wedding. I am going with BBB. I am SO regretting it. It won't even be fun from a flirty standpoint b/c I'm over him in that regard.

Apparently everyone but me/us knew better than to go to a work-related wedding. No one I thought would be fun to hang out with is going. The wedding is close to downtown Chicago and the reception is in some castle-place in Indiana.

Yes, Indiana.

My big dilemna was what to wear. Do I go with the purple silk dress I've worn to a wedding before, even though I can't find one earring and the one I can find is tangled beyond repair?

Do I wear a long black dress that's brightened by flowers and some sequiny-things, but isn't quite comfortable for a full day?

Or do I go with a more comfortable dress that's probably too sexy for a work-wedding? I do have earrings to match this one, though...

Decisions, decisions. Tell me what you think I should have done and when I get home tonight (assuming I'm not too snockered, which I shouldn't be, since there will be at least a couple work people there), I'll tell you what I wore.

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