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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sunrise, Sunrise...

...looks like morning in your eyes.

It's time for some updates 'round this joint, don't you think? I've left a lot of loose ends dangling in the wind (MMM, if you zipped up, that would help).

Let's see...where to start...

My Family Series
I haven't finished, if you've been paying attention. Mom is the last person to write about and the symbolism isn't lost on me - in real life, she's often the last I go to. I can talk (usually) to Dad & Sister for a while; Mom frustrates me after about 2 minutes. I've been working on it though (both my frustration and the post) and will complete soon.

The Pregnant Teen
S is doing well. She is excited for the baby and wants to keep it. She has started her job and is continuing to live with my friend V. Apparently S had been on the pill, and during the time she went off the pill and on the patch, a little embryo began growing inside her. Which is discouraging in that she was at least being responsible and using birth control and trying to avoid pregnancy...but she's still going to her classes (English lit & state-certified childcare) and is working and being fairly cheerful.

The Sexual Predator
New Girl, the mother of the 19yr old up for sexual abuse charges, wrote a letter to a local newspaper. A reporter contacted her and wrote an article about the larger situation, but using D as an example. The response was so great that the reporter wrote a follow-up article, calling to task the young girls who actively search out older men.

Some of you asked why New Girl hadn't tried settling out of court. I mentioned this to her, and she mentioned it to her lawyer. Apparently, though, as this is a criminal case and not civil, that's not an option.

New Girl's son's court date is next Friday, the 29th.

Glass-making Seminar
As is my luck in trying to sign up for a class, I am Interested Person #3. There needs to be 4 people to form a class. This is why I've yet to take a cake decorating class - they always (always!) have been cancelled due to low registry.

Balcony Fiasco
I spoke to the manager of my complex yesterday about the shitty response time from her maintenance crew. She was shocked and disgusted with it. She thinks what must have happened is that the switchboard told maintenance it was a regular lockout, which maintenance does not do after hours. However, she is going to investigate and will call me today regardless of the answer.

That's all for now, peeps. Have a good one.

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