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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Defective Peon

I have webbed toes.

Sounds silly, doesn't it. Silly but true.

The third and fourth toes on my left foot are fused together. It looks sort of like this from the back, except mine are more fused than that guy's. From the front, they're just normal toes (and now complete with OPI Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire!) without the split between. Mine only split at the nail bed, so really only the top quarter or so is actually two toes. If I ever get a digital cam I'll take a pic.

The technical term is syndactyly and it occurs when the skin just doesn't separate during growth as a fetus. It doesn't hurt and it doesn't affect my walking and in fact, I've now so totally ambivalent to it that the first time I went for a pedicure, I had completely forgotten about it.

I used to be very embarrassed by it. During sleepovers I would wear socks, or just always sit so that my foot was hidden. In fact, it wasn't until last year that one of my high school girlfriends even noticed. The pedicurist today asked me about it and why I never had them separated.

My parents asked about surgery when I was a baby but the doctors said it would be surgery for cosmetic reasons only, and who wants to put a baby or child through that? I mean, again, it doesn't impact me. I suppose I could have had it done to save myself some embarrassment as a kid, but if my close gfs just now noticed...I guess I did a good job of hiding it!

So, that's my little secret for the day.

In other news...remember New Girl and her son? I hadn't told you but her son's court date was a couple weeks ago. She told the prosecution that since they wouldn't drop the charges, she wanted it to go to a jury trial - and then they dropped the charges to battery. Battery. Only. So her son will do some community service and pay a fine and LEARN HIS LESSON, but he won't be marked as a sex offender. YAY!

As for my personal ad fun...well, I've canceled two subscriptions. eHarmony, I'm paid up through a bit longer, but nothing is panning out there. However, within days of cancelling the other sites, two guys sent me notes and both included their personal emails. So we've been emailing. I'm more interested in one than the other - I've just learned more about him - and we spoke briefly tonight. He felt bad that he missed my call last night and though he's at a friend's tonight, he did call back to apologize and chat for a minute. I cut him loose though and he has said he'll call tomorrow. So that could be promising. He interests me at this point, which is something new.

Alright kids, back to my books! Have a good night!

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