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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Believe Me When I Say That I've Got Something For Your Punkass

I'm not feeling well this week. I haven't said that here yet. My throat has been killing me since Saturday (karma's way of telling me quitting smoking was a bad idea. I seriously feel like I've been on a bender of mythical proportions.) and I've been all lethargic and shit. No running since Saturday. Not sure yet if I'm going to go to group tonight or not. I want to and I feel I should, especially since my back's been hurting and running would stretch it out, but...we'll see.

I've been spending mucho time laying around on couches. On a blanket, under a blanket, cold Gatorade or V8 Fruit Splash next to me. I watched the premier of "Beautiful People" last night on the Family network, and liked it. I watched "Weeds" on Showtime and really liked it. I watched a movie called "Sexual Life" where the characters all sort of connect to one another and the story moves from one character's tale on to the next. I liked it; some things came full circle in the end, and closure always makes me happy.

I watched part of a movie PM and I had discussed, "Dive from Clausen's Pier," which did not make me happy at all. First of all, Michelle Trachtenberg starred, and while I really like her (despite being in Buffy the Vampire Layer), she is 20yrs old and played a 23yr old. No biggie, but the last thing she was in was the Ice Princess, a Disney flick where she's 16yrs old at best. Sorry. I know about expanding your appeal and all, but it was too much of a leap for me. Not to mention, the ending totally blew and I think I missed a few key points, like how she ended up in NY and found a cool ass apartment or had the money for it or fashion school.

So, yes, all this lying prone on my back may help explain why it's been hurting.


My gf in Richmond called yesterday while I was at work, which has happened maybe once in my time here. She was all excited because while poking around on our college's alumni site, she found that my old roommate of 3yrs and our 3rd musketeer in college had gotten married this summer without any mention to us. Now, Roomie hasn't really been in touch with either of us in years, so it's not like we expected invites, but I guess we thought she'd at least email, if for no other reason than to gloat. She has the habit of emailing us when something good happens, telling us she is so glad to be back in touch, that she's missed us, blah blah blah, by the way x or y happened to me, and then when we respond we get nothing back.

The situation almost amuses me. She married her high school boyfriend, the one she cheated on all throughout college. He used to come up for the weekends and while she was at bball practice or something, he'd hang out in our room shirtless and commandeer the TV. He also used to ask me if she had cheated. Like I'm going to have that conversation with the boyfriend of the person I lived with.

Roomie was a fun person but not a very good friend. If you wanted to cause mischief or laugh a lot, she was the person for it. If you wanted to bare your soul, nuh uh. Which is why the three of us were so good together. Richmond gf & I would be studious and intellectual and sensitive together and then we'd go get drunk with Roomie.

Richmond described it to me once thus: Roomie had no book smarts but plenty of street sense. Richmond had lots of book smarts but little street smarts. I was in the middle, bridging the two.

I always felt that was the best place to be.

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