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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Read At Your Own Risk

Yes. I've been one big ole crank ass lately. People are pissing me off left and right and THERE'S NO END TO IT!

One person asked if I have a form for Project Y. No, I said, I'm not involved in that project. But I thought you're working on Project X? I am. I still don't have any info on Project Y.

One lady did not accept my mtg notice nor listen to either of two voicemails sent her way (in plenty of time prior to the mtg) so that meeting was shot.

One lady emailed me yesterday at 6.07am. When I had not yet responded by 6.25am this morning, she sent an urgent notice to me about my timing. I'm normally quite prompt in my responses and don't feel that 24hrs on a non-urgent issue is a problem.

One woman called me about an answer to a semi-urgent matter, despite the meeting yesterday where I said I would let her know as soon as I heard an answer. I guess she thought I was lying and really only keeping the info to myself.

One girl couldn't find the info in the project folder I had emailed her. That's because I didn't tell her the items were in the subfolders of the project folder. I figured someone with a college degree could figure it out; my bad.

I had a convoluted paycheck issue to deal with and had been going back and forth with the payroll folks. Which was annoying in itself, as they didn't give me a specific person to work through, so I had to keep going through their stupid anonymous mailbox. At any rate, it turns out the missing paycheck had been delivered to my apartment complex and signed for on 7/7. That's right. One month ago. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME. No one from the apartment office, and no one from HR. Thanks. Fuckers.

Yahoo! Personals makes me sign in, ID and password, and then before I can check my inbox, it makes me sign in with my password again. I HATE THAT.

eHarmony sucks. It gives you three different security notices, bing bang boom, one right after the other. What's the point? And, if you're on that sight but currently pursuing a relationship, you should change your preferences so that no new matches are set. Otherwise you waste my time.

A coworker is asking for people to vote in an online contest so that her son's film will win the next level of competition. Not so that the film will when on it's merit, but so it will receive enough winning votes from people she's asked to help. Sorry. Not gonna do it. I'll view the films and if I think it's the best, then I'll vote.

Alright. That's it for now. Even I can't be pissed off all the time.*

*Shut up. I can't be. Really. Don't make me come over there.

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