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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Tonight I'm maybe meeting Online Boy for a drink. I'd be excited if I knew for sure it would happen. I did email him from here, a very blase "Since we didn’t connect last night and I can’t get my aol email from work, I’m just writing to check on this evening’s plans" type of note. We'll see.

Tomorrow I have an after-work 'outing' at a local dive bar with my new division. Should be fun, although the person I'm closest to in that organization won't be there, so that kind of stinks. Not to mention, there are no cute single guys there.

Friday I'm supposed to move cubes/buildings. When I came in Monday after Friday off, there were boxes here and I found out via email that "Katey wasn't ready when they came to move her at 9am Monday." Fuckers. So now I'm packing and apparently will be moving at 9am Friday.

Which works, b/c at 10am Friday I leave for my last boat cruise of the summer. It's with my 'old' division of which there are only about 10 of us. BBB will be there, as will hottie Russian R, so it will be very light-hearted and fun. This is an architechture cruise on the Chicago River and is supposed to be pretty cool.

I might head up to Madison this weekend. My sister wants me to come visit and I don't really have a good reason not to. Could be fun. My BIL and I giggled quite a bit last night on the phone. It was one of those random things he said and then only after I laughed did he realize just how kooky it was. Gotta love him.

And somehow, between all this fun, I need to keep running. Last night was 3 sets of 8 minutes, and next week is two sets of 10. I wish I was faster than the slowest turtle, but at least I'm still out there doing it. It's been nice and cool lately which helps. Richmond was disgustingly hot and humid.

I've gone back through my draft posts and there are some more serious ones I should get out at some point. Not to mention, there's some stuff rambling around my noggin, but that can all wait.

Have a good Wednesday.

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