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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome Back Peon

Here's how it went down:

Got into Richmond around 11:30 Thursday night. Small delay getting there, no biggie. GF and I sat on the deck of their (well, really, her BF's) brand new house and had a couple beers. And chatted. Everything, nothing, random shit. Exactly what I went out there for.

Friday we went out to lunch and then hit an outlet mall. Yay! Sales! After shopping we went back to the house and made some drinks. Because her BF is somewhat fanatical, there was much liquor to be had. Amaretto and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? Thumbs up. Watermelon vodka and 7up? Thumbs down. Kahlua and Coke? Eh.

We ordered pizza and watched Old School, because I had never seen it. I was mildly amused by it. Mind the stepchildren! We sat around and talked a bit more, again, about everything and nothing, before bedtime.

Saturday GF made scrambled eggs for me after she got back from her half-marathon run. (She's doing a run program much like mine, except hers is for MARATHON training. Freak.) We went to CaryTown, which is a street with old houses turned into quirky boutique shops. Consignment shops, weird funky purse shops, antique shops. It was fun just walking around and poking through the stuff. We split a veggie sandwich and a DELICIOUS white chocolate mousse crepe for lunch. Best lunch ever.

That night, we went out to dinner with BF and a good friend of GFs - the same girl who went to Ireland with us last year. BF paid for all of us and then let us loose on the bars and went home. We started out lowkey at Sine, where some random New York guy joined us and entertained us briefly. Then another gf of my GF joined us - Tara. God was she annoying. Drama queen, and self-absorbed, and even though she introduced me to about a dozen people, she couldn't ever remember my name.

Anyway, the four of us girls then moved on to Europa, where Tara introduced us to a really really really cute guy named Eric and his really really cute friend named Rob. My GF thought Eric was checking me out, and I kind of thought he was too. Bald and with a goatee - just my type. Anyway, after that we moved to Lucky Lounge, where Eric & Rob also were. Eric and I talked a little bit there, but I have no mojo. He did tell me about an after-hours bar they were going to, though.

And low and behold, we ended up there too. It was a members-only place and Tara hooked us up with some members to get in. She knew everyone, apparently, which was her saving grace. GF and I rode there in some hottie's 330 Ci BMW. Sweet.

The after-hours club was a random factory with a bar, pool tables in the back, chairs up and down the sides, and a big ole dance floor to go with the techno/hip-hop music they played. Hottie Eric and I chatted a bit more but I still hadn't found my mojo, so nothing happened there.

GF and I passedup the opportunity to go smoke up with Tara afterwards and called BF to pick us up. 4:30 in the morning we were back at the house eating leftover pizza. Mmmm.

Today GF and I went to lunch and then shopped a little more before my flight. We talked about serious shit and non-serious shit and laughed a lot and it was so good.

Even though I may have broken my toe at the after-hours club. And I haven't drunken that much in the past three months combined.

This will be a busy week - dr's appt tomorrow night, running group Tuesday, work get-together Thurs, boat cruise Friday...and I may fill Wednesday by getting drinks with Online Boy who is greatly intriguing and interesting me.

I'm content right now. I'm happy. I wish I didn't have to hop on a plane for girl time, but I do, so I'm going to enjoy it when I can get it.

Night, folks.

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