Corporate Peon: Borrrrrrrrrring

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


1. I got my hair(s) cut last night. It looks cute. Compliments were received today.

2. I talked to the woman I'm reporting to for the duration of my rotation about my workload today. I'm bored, and that's never a good thing. I have a few projects that aren't any trouble, one project that is going to be NASTY, and then two more that are temporarily on hold, so...load me up! I might get to work on some tangled issues that are really important but b/c they're so fucked up, no one wants them or does anything when they have them. That will be good, to make a difference in that.

3. I spent over two hours doing housework tonight. YUCK! Seven loads of laundry are now hanging up (or in the case of my undies and bras, shoved into a drawer). I apparently have a shitload of clothes. Clean new sheets are on my bed - I splurged and bought 400 thread-count. The dishwasher has been unloaded and loaded again. Kitchen counters and stove were scrubbed, even though I just dirtied the stove later when I made dinner, which was then eaten and the leftovers ready for lunch tomorrow. Whew.

4. Apparently my BIL did such a good sell job that my dad is now going to Turkey with us. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. No smoking for me! More importantly, though, I'll feel I have to watch dad. His mental capacity has been on my mind as of late, and he seems to have lost some of his social filters. It's just an element of the trip I didn't want to have to deal with.

Not to mention, I'll have trouble feeling like an adult. I've always been daddy's girl, and I think he'll have trouble letting me be. At the same time that I don't want him to come, I think it will be good for him.

Not to mention, I FUCKING HATE how he tells me what I 'need' to do. "What you need to do is..." when it's either NOTHING I need or WANT to do, or something I've already done. Fucking let me live my life. (Sorry. He's IMing me now and pissing me off.)

5. My fucking car salesman is out on Tuesdays, so no news on that front. I am so not happy but also have too large a filter to really go off on his worthless ass. He'll know I'm unhappy, but he won't feel my full wrath.

6. I have an official new blog crush, and it has nothing to do with the free promo he gave me. Yeah, you know who you are. Let the torridness begin.

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